Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

the lion’s bride

caramel & hot sun life,
sticky happiness
that seeps into
every cabinet, every hamper
such a messy joy.
far cry
from the self-imposed,
sterilized moon-pleasures
of my past.

bulls playing in china cabinets,
bears raiding the larder,
dolphins brewing darjeeling
and sneaking nips of amoretto,
and in the midst of
the cannons and cotton candy
a lion running rampant through
my darkened rooms,
making mock of
embroidered hand towels
and lace doilies.

the unwitting ring leader
to the gypsy circus
in my kitchen.
the frenetic pleasures
that have become my own.
and it all began
with the lion in my life,
who looked so harmless
when I first found
him sleeping in
the garden.

june 7, 2002
mrs. fox


Jennie said...

*Applauds* oh I love it! is there no end to your talents!!

Anonymous said...

This is heavenly...I am applauding too! You do have such a way with words.

If only I could find a lion in my kitchen too...

I stopped by to visit, in case your suitors were causing a riot outside your gate. I see it's all quiet for now...I suppose you've sent them away now with a sigh and a wave of your handkerchief?

Liz said...

Genius. And even more so to me since I read it and instantly thought of you two. :) Happy V Day.

the mother of this lot said...

I sometimes have a lion running rampant through my darkened rooms...but I can usually get rid of him by teatime.

Casdok said...

Beautiful words. :)

Mrs. Fox said...

Thank you all so much.