Friday, February 1, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

The dashing gentleman to your left is Thomas Lister, 4th Baron Ribblesdale. In this portrait by John Singer Sargent Lord Ribblesdale is shown elegantly dressed for the hunt. The warm tones are inviting and yet the spartan background and the subjects demeanor definitely give an austere sense of removal from the viewer.

Thomas Lister was the last of the Barons Ribblesdale. Both his sons died in service to the Crown, the eldest in the Somaliland Campaign and the youngest during WWI.

Lord Ribblesdale had three daughters, two of whom have living descendants. His fourth child, Laura, married Simon Fraser, 14th Lord Lovat and the 23rd Chief of the Clan Fraser. His youngest daughter, Diana, married the 14th Earl of Westmorland.

Wishing you a cheerful weekend!

P. S. Keep your fingers crossed on Groundhog Day!!


Linda said...

I'd totally forgotten about Groundhog Day. Did you see the movie of that title? I reall liked it.

Mrs. Fox said...


One of my favorite movies.

"I'm a god. I'm not *the* God... I don't think."

Jennie said...

He looks a bit too severe for me.
I hope you have had a gorgeous weekend!