Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mama's Little Bolsheviks Are On The Web!

My little sis has her own blog! The world may never be the same. She sews, she works with glass, and she's way cooler than her nerdy older sister.

Mama's Little Bolsheviks

Repression, Regression, Governmental dis-compassion,
Idealists, Liberate the masses, Equality among the classes
We’re Mama’s little Bolsheviks!

Suspicion, Derision, Inherent evil in the system.
Activists, Socially conscious, Occasionally obnoxious,
We’re Mama’s little Bolsheviks!

Inheritance, Our independence, Fierce maternal diligence
Sisters, Thinkers, Revolution makers.
We’re Mama’s little Bolsheviks!

Mrs. Fox

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