Monday, February 18, 2008


It is with distinct delight that Mrs. Fox celebrates her 33rd year on this strange and enchanting planet and looks forward to new adventures and discoveries in the year to come. She is immensely grateful for her many charming, eccentric friends as well as her beloved, eccentric family.

She offers a few of her favorite things in hopes that you might find some enjoyment in them too: Imperial purple, sunny mornings, moonlight, thunderstorms, wild things, pale pink camellias, white roses, & black tulips; ribbons & rhinestones; lavender & vanilla; poetry & mystery novels; tamago sushi, smelt roe, gyoza, panang curry, palak paneer, chicken pot pie, creme brulee, blueberry pancakes, chocolate truffles, & cookies; pretty shoes, hats, gloves & scarves; the Brandenburg Concertos, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Latin music, and Bizet's Carmen; The Beautiful Game & The Sport of Kings; laughter, honesty, wit, & compassion.

"Each day, and everything in it, is a gift without price."


Liz said...

Happy Birthday!

the mother of this lot said...

Well, I'm with you on moonlight, thunderstorms, lavender, creme brulee and chocolate truffles. I'd give my right arm to sing 'But not for Me' like Ella, or play the lead in Carmen!

Please don't tell me there's an Arsenal and a Liverpool supporter in the same house - my nerves won't stand it!

Happy Birthday Mrs.Fox!
Have a fantastic day!
Love Jackie x

Casdok said...

A very happy birthday!
Honesty, wit and compassion, very fine qualities, and you certainbly have all of those.

Jennie said...

Happy birthday!!!
There are lots of things I like in that list too (Love Nero wolfe but have only seen it on tv, must read the books!)
(ooh I am a day late! Happy belated birthday!)

Mrs. Fox said...

Jackie, OK here's the break down (brace yourself): I like Arsenal, the hubby likes Liverpool, but we both like Manchester. I know, I know, forgive us, we're Americans. :)

Jennie, Fer-de-Lance is the first in the Nero Wolfe series and one of the best. I also love Prisoner's Base and Some Buried Caeser. They're all good though.

Anonymous said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Mrs. Fox! I hope it was a lovely one, indeed.

the mother of this lot said...

Well, since you're American...I may think about forgiving you...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you