Monday, June 2, 2008

My weekend with the Dashwoods!

Have I mentioned how much I hate having my picture taken? I guess my cave-woman soul fears it will be snatched away by the evil, magic box. That or I'm just really vain. So, anyway Liz sent me these from my weekend with her family and I figured they weren't too terrible. What's with the creepy guy in the blue shirt over Liz's shoulder? Yikes!

Liz and I have been fast friends since discovering early in our acquaintance that we both dislike Faulkner and Hemmingway. It's a brave thing for a Southern writer to openly admit that she doesn't like Faulkner. As for me, I prefer Eudora Welty.

Here I am with the whole Dashwood crew (plus cousin). It was such a wonderful weekend and I count myself lucky to have such amazing women as my friends.

By the way, Sex & The City was pretty good. Rebecca, Liz and I (first three from the left in the above) had a fabulous time making snarky comments and disapproving 'tsk, tsk' sounds. What was that thing on Sarah Jessica Parker's head?! Some of the outfits defied logic and fashion. There was a bit of gratuitous nudity so definitely not a movie for young children you wish to remain pure of heart. I just avert my gaze until given the all clear by braver souls.


Liz said...

It WAS fun! We should have girl time like that more often! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted that! I like to have a good mental image.
Looks like y'all had a very good day. Good friends are a treasure! Enjoy!

I'm going to post my meme today - just thought I'd let you know. I'm a bit behind, sorry.

Oh, and yes, aren't you a brave Southern writer? I am a bit ambivalent about Southern lit. On the one hand, because I'm from the South, I definitely "get it." On the other hand, we all know how it goes, and I will be honest here and betray my shallowness - if I'm going to read, I want to be transported to a HAPPY place, thank you very much. Same with movies. I'm well aware that the world is a dysfunctional place, but that doesn't mean I want to immerse my mind in it during "free time." Very generally speaking, I find it more disturbing than entertaining.

But don't quote me on that - I'll deny it when I'm around "cultured" people. ;)
Present company excluded, of course. :)

Feathering My Nest said...

What fun! Thank you Mrs. Fox for showing your pretty face. I like to see who I am writing to. Oh wish we all could have gone with you to the graduation. Kathi

Jennie said...

Yay that's you!!!! :D Why aren't you wearing a long dress and pearls? I love the pictures!
That guy definitely has stalker potential!

the mother of this lot said...

Oh you brave girl!! Lovely photo! Great to see you.