Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Thin Blue Line

I try not to blather about what my husband does for a living. Certainly not for lack of pride, but because it strikes me as something similar to the wives of military officers wearing their husbands' medals to the grocery store (it happens). It is Officer B who puts on a bullet proof vest every night, holsters a sidearm, and goes to work. I just bake him cookies. This week is Police Week though, and as the spouse of an officer, I hope you'll take the time to thank the law enforcement officers who safeguard your community.

I'm going to take this opportunity to thank my personal police officer for maintaining a positive attitude about your job, for being At Home when you're at home, for mowing the lawn on your day off, for showing up to check out strange noises, for making sure I know where the flashlight is when the weather is bad, for always being there for me no matter how tired you are or how bad a night you had. I am also grateful for the brave men and women that you work with for being good at their jobs and always being there to back you up. I worry a lot less because of them.

I saw this article and was really touched, Fallen Officers Honored at Vigil in D.C. Almost 200 officers lost their lives in the line of duty last year and I think it is important to acknowledge the sacrifice both they and their families made to our communities.

The Thin Blue Line

God bless,
Those that accept the call,
The comrades who stand beside them,
The families that support them.

God bless,
The noble hearts that beat,
The sharp eyes that witness,
The strong arms that defend.

God bless,
The belief in justice,
The devotion to duty,
The struggle to do what’s right.

God bless,
The earth that receives them,
The tears that mourn them,
The ones who fill their posts.

God bless the line

Mrs. Fox


Feathering My Nest said...

I'm so thankful for our police officers. I have gotten a few speeding tickets; about one every six years or so, and I know I'm baaaaaaaad. I go in with my tail between my legs and let them throw the book. I deserve it. Then I pay and go safely, at the perfect speed, on my way. It takes me about a week to shake the guilty feelings, and close to seven years to forget, and get another ticket. Please tell your hubby I appreciate him and all the other policemen, who keep our roads and towns safe.


Maggie May said...

I don't know what we would do with out them. You are lucky to have one for yourself!

Mrs. Fox said...


B is forever scolding me for various traffic infractions. My big no-no is driving in the turning lane. I get the "tsk-tsk" every time he sees me do it. Then I get the gorey details on whatever horrific traffic accident he recently worked. I'd really rather just get the ticket. :)

Liz said...

Hee Hee.. that sounds like Dad. He used to work in the safety dept for the electric company, and always pointed out power lines and what people should never do...and the gruesome stories behind it. I'm with you. Just give me a ticket. Fine me. I dont need to know who lost their head or (if Dad's telling he story) who burned all their hair off. :)

Glad B's found his dream job. I vow to always go the speed limit, at least in his town. :)