Thursday, May 1, 2008

The First Saturday in May

This Saturday is the Kentucky Derby (for those just joining our story, I love horse racing). Saturday will find me with a fancy hat on, screaming and jumping in front of my TV as 20 of God's most beautiful creatures strain muscle and tendon to reach the finish line first.

In past years I have scrutinized bloodlines and race videos to choose my horses, but after several years of choosing third place horses, this year I chucked it all and picked by name.

My top three picks are Pyro, Big Truck, and Gayego. I'm not much of a gambler, so I like to play any of the three to win, place, or show.

In honor of Saturday's race I offer a poem written the year I attended the Derby. Like most years I had researched my picks for weeks. Officer B chose War Emblem that day of the race based on the name. My horse? Came in 7th. B's choice, War Emblem, won the race. :)

War Emblem

unforgiving sun
bourbon fumes & cigars
the techno-color confetti
tossed and lost on the breeze
feral beauties and
smartly dressed hooligans
perched atop their seats
the simultaneous
“They’re off!”

the thunder of hooves
the fever pitch of greed
edging down the first turn
all eyes to the boards
and in the distance the steady
beat of probability

at last
the herald’s cry
“Here they come!”
dirt flies
whips raised
the keen of the breaking point
green and white silks lead
roar past
the leader
bursts across
the finish line

cheers of delight
and the sun
down on
the twin spires
128 years
in the blink
of an eye.

May 2002


Maggie May said...

Wow.... that poem had me racing with them! Quite out of breath now!

Jennie said...

Is there no end to your talents!!!