Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family Secrets

Ugh, I finally succumbed to post-nasal drip and ended up with a sore throat. Aspirin and gargling Listerine have been the hobby du jour.

In unrelated news, during one of of our chats while my sister was visiting the following exchange took place about kitchen fiascoes (I preface this by saying that recipes - at least the good ones - are rarely written down in my family.):

Sis: . . . Yeah! The last time I made mom's German potato salad I forgot the to put the bacon in!

Me: Dude! That's the best part! How do you forget the bacon?! [Yes, I say, "Dude." It is a reprehensible conversational habit that I have never been able to shake. For the sake of authenticity I expose myself to ridicule. ]

Sis: I know! I took a bite and thought, "This is kind of bland." (boisterous laughter)

Me: Wait, . . . you've got mom's recipe for potato salad?

Sis: Yeah, well sort of, I've got Grandma A's recipe for it. It's pretty simple really you just boil the potatoes . . .

Me: I know that part! What about the vinegar and sugar? I could never get the proportions right.

Sis: [Comments edited to protect family recipe]

Me: Are you sure?

Sis: I think so. I'll check when I get home and let you know.

Me: What about the creamed cabbage? Do you have the recipe for creamed cabbage?

Sis: I think I've seen it.

Me: Damn it! That was my favorite! I love the creamed cabbage! I've looked everywhere for that recipe. There is nothing out there even remotely like it . . . Can I have it?

Sis: Sure.

And so, today my darling, clever, sweet little sister (to whom I am eternally sorry for telling her that the gypsies wouldn't buy her from mom because she was so bad) delivered on the goods. There will be creamed cabbage this weekend! And I will eat it all by myself, and get a stomach ache, and lay about like a beached whale bemoaning my gluttony, and life will be good.


Maggie May said...

Creamed cabbage? Don't know what that is.
All the things that we did to our younger siblings..... in my case, my brother.
I will have to write a post about it. He doesn't know I blog ..... yet!

the mother of this lot said...

But at least you'll have had a good time!

Jennie said...

So now I have an image of you wearing a long silk gown, wearing jewels, laying on a chaise lounge with dogs at your feet, sighing wistfully then exclaiming 'Dude is the creamed cabbage ready yet!!!'

Mrs. Fox said...

Jennie, too funny!

meg duerksen said...

dude! i love potatoe salad! oh that sounds so good right now.
the creamed cabbage though sounds really awful.
but i like the picture. :)

ny daughter also says dude all the time...this morning she called me dude.

if you feel the desire to share your family recipe....
i am all ears.

Mrs. Fox said...

Meg, I would share the recipes but my mom and sister would not be happy with me. Especially, since I made my sister vow not to share them. :)

Creamed cabbage is like nothing I've had before or since. It is creamy and comforting but has just a hint of a sweet/sour tang. Like mild saurkraut, but not fermented and stinky.

Anonymous said...

My mom doesn't really use recipes, either - and so I am going mad trying to recreate her biscuits. I have finally gotten VERY serious about it. "I will overcome!"