Monday, January 28, 2008

Torturing Your Pets - Part 1 of Many

When in the course of a relaxing Saturday morning you find yourself surrounded by the unmistakable aroma of filthy beast, action must be taken - even if the groomer is closed.

A warm bath was run, doggie soap and the requisite "rinse cup" on stand-by.

The beast trapped and confined is unhappy with this turn of events. Poor boy was napping on the sofa, minding his own business, when this crazy plan was concocted.
Bereft of his lovely red collar, the sullen Gerrard refuses to smile for the camera.

To add insult to injury, mummy makes him pose for pictures during the ordeal.

Ah, but now gleaming and pleasant smelling he insists that he be rewarded with his favorite part of the process - the towel!
(NOTE: No towels were injured during the washing of this dog)
Once again bedecked in his Liverpool red*, Gerrard demands to be let loose so that he can harass his sister, Wasabi (who was conveniently out of pocket during this cruel endeavor)
*For those uninterested in soccer, my husband named Gerrard after Steven Gerrard who plays for Liverpool, whose team color is red, and thus the dog has a red collar. And you, gentle reader, thought it was just for looks.


Liz said...

Poor little Gerrard. At least he likes his towell. Mabel suspects that's just another part of the torture.

the mother of this lot said...

Oh dear. Liverpool. Steven Gerrard. I feel a bit of arch-rivalry coming on!!

Jennie said...

oh Poor Gerrard! That was so funny (I suspect not so funny for Gerrard). At least he smells and looks lovely now.

Linda said...

I need to bath my cat but I keep putting it off. He hates it so much and looks so pathetic, especially afterwards when he is all wet.