Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Daunting Blank Page

Despite having artsy tendencies, interior decorating isn't one of my strengths. At best, I manage a sort of cozy eclectic. Add to my lack of skill and confidence, an overwhelming expanse of blank wall and I panic. My house is a split-level, meaning that there are two floors but you actually enter between them. It makes for a rather narrow entry.

This is the ominous wall. The space has potential to be stunning; I just don't know how to tackle it.
The cabinet by the door is used for dog leashes, sunglasses - that sort of stuff - but I am inclined to think that it might brighten up the space if it were painted. What color, though?

This is the narrow wall over the downstairs

The downstairs.

It needs color badly. The two that come to mind most often are red and black, but that's a bit bold for a gal who doesn't know what she's doing. Help!

Wasabi would like you to know that she tried very hard to be in as many pictures as possible.


Linda said...

I wish I could offer inspiration but I don't have that decorating gene. One of my problems too is that accessories are so expensive that I lose heart.

Liz said...

Sweet Sabi. I'll be thinking on this...

BumbleVee said...

I think I might begin by painting some colour on the walls. Yes..I know painting is not cheap (can u do it yourself? or perhaps a friend paints? could you barter?) ..but sometimes it is amazing what a bit more colour on walls can do to the whole house. I am just not a white/cream person anymore...not since I discovered depth of colour.

How about a very large mirror with a great frame behind the door on that large wall space>? it would give the illusion of twice the space... I actually found one at Bombay one day and it was less than $180... people seem to think I paid about $2000 for it.

Above the door...the tiny picture must go... how about an elongated shape picture there? larger..about the width of the door.

I might also be tempted to just get rid of the little cabinet is using valuable floor space. How about a skinny upholstered bench instead..the exposed shoes could be slipped under the bench if it has slim legs... ...or it could even be a storage type bench or two small blocks.. perhaps leather (I have them by my back door) sit on as well as to store papers in> got them at Bowring for $90 each ........ a much smaller key holder on the little wall just beside the door... there are many lovelies for that... and small enough to be useful but not taking up space. How about another piece of art above the bench. Perhaps a square this time... I would look for a print with colours that go with your new walls and whatever other colours you choose for accent colours. If you want to keep the Japanaes print covering the opening to the downstairs... find one with some reds in it... I would be tempted to leave that area uncovered...

Try to arrange the furniture down there so that it looks appealing when your eye goes to the space. the cover dangling there sort of closes things off even more... you could put a few small prints or plates, or some other thing on the space above the draw your eye there instead of to the doorway opening as well. Or, put a series of photos or small prints on the stairwall walls...only use one side of the stairs if you do that.....not both.

Well, there is my suggestion ... er...suggestionS... blabby me. Hahahah... just tossing around some things for you to think about and from there..I bet you will begin plenty of designing all by your self. sometimes we just need a place to even begin to think.

good luck with your plans....

Jennie said...

ooh good suggestions there.
I am completely hopeless and have no eye for decorating. I have a friend who can walk into a room and instantly know what it needs to make it look great. Me, I just struggle and copy other peoples ideas ;)
Wasabi should be in as many pictures as possible, always.

Mrs. Fox said...

Jennie, Wasabi is definitely the jewel of the house. :)