Tuesday, January 29, 2008

E is for Excellent.

Darn it. I struggle with compliments, but Miss Manners advises the proper response is not to belittle the compliment by nay-saying, but to offer a humble and sincere, "Thank you." So, thank you, to Mother's Pride for gifting me this award.

According to the rules, I have to pass this on to at least 10 others. The charming creatures are:

Liz at Mabel's House is gonna kill me for this, but (whether she wants to hear it or not) she has an amazing knack for making the old new and decorating on a dime. Plus I adore the fabulous Miss Mabel.

Linda at Frenchless in France allows you for a few moments to pretend you're strolling the streets of beautiful Paris. You couldn't ask for a nicer guide.

Posy is delightful, always finds the most amazing antiques and lives in a lovely corner of the world.

Anytime I'm in a cooking slump Lobstersquad inspires me to try something new. She's also a remarkably talented artist.

Tales from Pixie Wood is another one who gets it right; her cozy style is welcoming and warm.

Cupcakes at Home makes me want to run away to the Scottish Isles and never return. I think she's as fond of her beasties as I am of mine.

What Lobstersquad does for cooking, Restyled Home does for decorating. Whenever I'm read to give up, Linda reminds me that there's hope.

decor8 and Absolutely Beautiful Things are always offering up new inspiration.

And not that he needs any awards from me, but if you ever need a chuckle or a unique ( somewhat warped) point of view I highly recommend A Curate's Egg. Never a disappointment.

It occurred to me recently that until the advent of e-mail and blogging the art of correspondence had withered a bit. I have always enjoyed reading the journals and letters of historic figures and it often made me sad that people don't write the way they once did. It is nice to think that we can all contribute in our own small way to the written record. Not to mention the fact that one gets to meet the most fascinating people from all over the world. Well, enough of my sentimental blathering! Warm wishes to you all!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to other writers, thanks for heading me in their direction.

restyled home said...

Well, well, well...I wandered over to see what you are up to and find this sweet compliment to me (and others) as your post today!!

Thank you so much...you're not too shabby yourself...believe it!!!


Linda said...

Thank you very much. I consider that a compliment coming from you.

Liz said...

I won’t kill you. This time. :) A compliment from you is a compliment indeed.

Thanks for your comment, I love that. It's amazing what poetry can sum up in one paragraph what I spend blathering on and on about. Where is that from (I ask as I end my sentence with a preposition).

Cherry Menlove said...

Oh wow, thats me!! Thank you so much, I'm most flattered. Your blog is great, I'm glad I stopped by!

Cherry xoxoxo