Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Dream Of Spring

Don't you wish ladies still wore hats? Or rather, don't you wish ladies weren't made to feel a spectacle if they did wear hats?

I love hats. Straw hats, felt hats, fuzzy Dr. Schivago hats, berets, cloches, tams - all hats. The real bother is that women who wear hats are so rare, and consequently hats themselves are so rare, that it can be difficult to find a hat that fits. "One size fits all" - laughable. Whether it is due to an over-ripened ego or the bric-a-brac of trivia that been crammed into it, "One Size Fits All" does not fit my skull. "One Size Fits All" is a torturous vice that leaves unattractive read marks on my forehead. No, I need a hat with some room in it. When I find one, I buy it.

Now, I know that there are milliners out there whipping up confections of tulle and roses, but you will find that on average a good, made to order hat starts at $150 and sky rockets from there. My solution? A glue gun, florals, and all the ribbon you can shake a stick at.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Mrs. Fox!! Those are divine! I wish you could make ME one, while you're at it.

I bought a hat 2 years ago that I intended to wear to church, but it ended up being a summertime/pool hat. I don't look good in every hat, but this one suited me. It was made of something - what was it? Not straw - something that was more durable and held its shape better. The brim turned down at the edges and it had a black grograin ribbon around it.

I'm with you - I love hats, but I don't want to be a spectacle. Hm.

You know what I wish would come back in? Men's hats. And those long coats like they always wear in Jane Austen movies. How dashing. I always tell John that when he gets older I'd like him to wear hats and cardigan sweaters - and carry a walking stick. :)
We'll see.

Liz said...

Hmmmm. I think you've found your calling. Hello Etsy. :)

Linda said...

I love hats too, I just find them uncomfortable. I do wear a baseball hat when working in the garden and a beret when it is cold.There is a fabulous hat shop of hand made hats in Paris. Let me know if you ever come and I will send you the address.

Jennie said...

I love hats but I never wear them because nobody else does, but then again that shouldn't stop me should it!
I love your hats, very elegant!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Oh, I wish women would wear hats! And gloves and all sorts of fancier things! Someone needs to start the trend!