Monday, April 28, 2008

State of the Nation.

I've been telling myself for days that I need to make a post, but in my defense the weather has been so pretty that the thought of spending more than a few moments indoors or away from a window wasn't very compelling. And then my sister has been visiting and that chucked any possibility of staring at a computer monitor.

Flowers are blooming everywhere and I have some beautiful pictures to post. My rose bushes are loaded with buds and the peonies are just starting to open. Lil' sis helped me plant a hydrangea and Easter lily that I had been given. Gerrard decided to dig the lily up and drag it across the yard, but after a severe scolding and some protective rocks it may survive the abuse.

I have been feeling much better. Even been in to work a bit which has been good for my mental health. I am very bad at doing nothing and if I don't feel productive I get depressed. So a few hours at work keeps me feeling useful.

I have read several books and watched tons of movies. Fever 1793 by Laura Halse Anderson was a huge favorite, as was And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander. The latter has to be one of the better mysteries I've read in quite awhile. I rented the movie Moliere and was enchanted. I remember reading The Misanthrope in my teens and feeling as though I had found my personal manifesto. I also saw Atonement (amazing story, terribly depressing), Charlie Wilson's War (charming characters, very enlightening), Juno (humane, insightful, clever characters) and lots of oldies but goodies.

Hope you all are happy and well!


Maggie May said...

So pleased you are up and about. It is marvelous to be able to go out in the sun. Makes you feel better.Don't do too much too soon.

Jennie said...

Good to see you! Don't blame you about not posting. I'm glad you are watching tons of movies and enjoying the garden. Naughty Gerrard!

the mother of this lot said...

Glad you're sounding better!