Friday, April 11, 2008

Out of the Cave and Into the Sunlight

Wow! I kept meaning to post sooner, but I've been sleeping so much and I haven't really had the energy to do much but watch TV. I did finish a book but it took me forever because I'd get about a paragraph read and fall back asleep. I am starting to feel more like myself. My ribs are still tender and the incision itches like crazy, but it's worth it since they were able to take care of everything. I'm also pretty much off the pain pills. I've been taking one at night, but just taking ibuprofen during the day which is working pretty well.

My mom flew up to stay with me and has been a huge help. Although, I get guilty knots in my stomach watching her load my dishwasher and folding my clothes. She's helped me do my hair, which I gotta tell you, when you feel like poo the thought of lying around which your hair looking dreadful doesn't help. Mom's been quite the busy little bee. She even finished the tote bag I had started out of a pair of B's old jeans. I had gotten stuck with how to finish it, but mummy trimmed the top and slapped some handles on. She's also tailored Officer B's uniform shirts, helped me work on the curtains for the guest room (which actually was me sitting in a chair watching her iron the edges). And the doggies love her! Gerrard has been sleeping with her at night and tries to get in her lap when she sits on the sofa. That's a bit of a stretch with a 65 pound dog, but he still tries to get as close as he can.

Today was the first day that I really got out of the house and I did pretty good. Mom and I sat out on the deck for a long time just soaking up the sun after so many days of rain. We both ended up with a bit of sunburn but agreed that it was worth it. The rain has been terrible! Yesterday the creek behind the house was absolutely gushing and the tornado sirens went off although none touched down. After lunch, we went to the grocery store. I couldn't really lift things off the shelf so of course I bought tons of juice which mom had to lug around. Wasn't that nice of me? I didn't realize it until we were loading it all in the truck. Afterwards, I didn't feel anymore achey than I already do but I did take a nice long nap on the sofa.

It was good to get out and be amongst people. TV was starting to rot my brain.


the mother of this lot said...

Glad you're feeling better and have managed to get out for a while. It sounds like you're enjoying having mom around!

Maggie May said...

Lovely to hear that you are feeling so much better and that you are in the capable hands of your Mum. Everyone needs to be spoiled a little at times!

Jennie said...

Glad you are feeling better. You are right about having nice hair, it make you feel lots better.
I'm glad your Mom is there and stop feeling guilty, that's what Moms do! I love that she finished the tote too and it looks great!