Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tells A Good Tale Award

I really like precocious children. They usually have the most amazing ideas and talents. Sometimes they can also make you feel incredibly old and slow. Jackie's daughter, The Fixer, over at Mother's Pride created this award, and rumor has it she's developing some ingenious means of tracking it's progress across the web. It's freakin' me out! Seriously, though, I'm very flattered.

I'm passing this lovely on to Whatever and Blogjem


Jennie said...

Well done on the award. You deserve it.

Btw, the squirrel says to tell you that he is actually a very lovely squirrel and was only in that guise for the photo shoot, because he narrowly missed out in the auditions for the 'Miss Potter' movie. And under pressure from having to feed his family, he had to opt for a rather lame horror flick instead. Unfortunately J caught him inbetween takes.
But he's duly noted your distress and taken out his light reflecting contact lenses and he promises he won't ever freak you out again. Hope that's better...
Probably not but worth a try ;)

Jennie said...

p.s I've given you an award over at my blog when you get chance to take a peek (you can just shut your eyes with the whole squirrel thing, the Z word has been edited out ;) )