Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At Home With Mrs. Fox

This is one of those moments when I'm thinking, "Why are you posting this? Who would care?" but I'm doing it anyway. It's where my brain is today.

I thought I would share some photos of my favorite room in the house. Like so many things about me it is probably a little weird. There's that horrible toilet element that we aren't going to talk about because it has nothing to do with why this is my favorite room in the house. This is my favorite room because I LOVE to soak in the tub. I am a marathon bath taker. My record is 4 hours and 3 refills. My secret to not getting pruney toes and fingers? Read a book and prop your feet on the tile.

Here is my vanity where I spend too much time trying to feel pretty. Yes, those are deer antlers. I keep my rings on them. My grandmother kept her rings in the same manner, and it is my little nod to her. And before anyone gets angry at Officer B for killing Bambi, he isn't responsible for this particular deer. His dad is.

By the way, this area is usually a total wreck with junk everywhere. It only exists in this condition on one Sunday morning a month.

And yes, that's a pin-up calendar. I bought it. It's mine. I get a lot of hair-do inspiration from that calendar. Plus it fits into the scheme of the room - you'll see.

These are my World War II propaganda pictures. The furthest one is for the U. S. Air Force, the second is the classic British "Keep Calm & Carry On" and the third is a "Nazi's Are Everywhere So Watch What You Say" themed poster. I love them.

There are three smaller ones over that thing we aren't talking about. The top one is an American Eagle crowning the British Lion with a victory laurel. The second one is tips to be more fuel efficient. My favorite piece of advice is "Do No Demand Hot Water 24 Hours a Day." Ha! The last one is a poster for the Women's Auxiliary.

So, that's it. In retrospect I can only say that it very difficult to photograph a long, narrow bathroom. I hope you've enjoyed the tour.


the mother of this lot said...

It suits you perfectly! And I have to ask....4 hours??!

Mrs. Fox said...

Yep, I can settle in with a good book and soak for 4 hours. Throw in some Epsom salts and lavender bubble bath and I'm in heaven. If I ever get a jacuzzi tub with the water jets, I may just live in it!

Jennie said...

I'm the same, I love my bath and I can sit in there for hours, refilling it, and reading. If I am lucky one of the kids will make me a nice cup of tea!
Your bathroom is great!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous room...I'm so jealous. I love the picture son the wall, and as for those amazingantlers...I had a great uncle who shot a deer once, it didn't go down too well in the family but it was a great story to tell and he kept the antlers too. What a great place to hang your jewellery. If I was at your house, I'd be in here for hours, just looking! I'd never come out!