Friday, August 15, 2008

Fabulous Friday

I love the movement in this portrait of Diane Sackville, Viscountess Crosbie. I get the impression that she must have had a very spritely personality.

So, earlier this evening Officer B comes upstairs and finds me with a very distressed look on my face. "What's wrong?" he asks as he kisses me on the forehead. I shake myself from my stupor and reply, "Oh, I was just watching the news. I think I'm stupider because of it."

This isn't a new complaint of mine. It is horrifying what watered down pap passes for news these days. I flipped between four channels and heard reports on inner-ear infection causing obesity, University of Florida research that proves beer goggles exist, and a woman suggesting healthy snack options for students who sounded as though she didn't think your kids would be any more interested in celery than you do. Ridiculous. Yet further justification for why I read the news (Some of my favorites:BBC News, The Washington Post, NPR, The Guardian, The Age, Google News and then for a laugh (or a cry), CNN.)

In other randomness, I spent most of my afternoon writing on my new laptop. Officer B sold one of his rifles and bought me a laptop. Isn't he a sweety? I couldn't ask for a better husband. I can't tell you how cool it was to be able to curl up on the sofa and write.
I hope you all have a good weekend!


Bee said...

Officer B is a sweety!

And I'm glad that someone agrees that I was too easy on the little lad. It amazes me how extreme we've become as a society on ensuring we never hurt our chilren's self esteems. Someone I know gasped in disbelief and disgust the other day when they discovered that spanking is legal in Georgia. That person was literally offended.

Linda said...

I've stopped watching the news all together. Most of it is what we call fluff anyway. I'd rather read.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I feel the same way, which is why I don't bother. It's the dumbing down of America, which is generally done in sound bytes.

Have you ever read "Amusing Ourselves to Death" by Neil Postman? Highly recommend it. He has a great bit in there about news, and this was many years ago -it's a classic!

Kathi said...

I'm a BBC girl too. Can't wait to see what you've written. Your hubby is a sweetheart. Kathi

Jennie said...

I am so jealous, I really need to find me an Officer B kinda guy!
Take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend!

SunShine said...
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SunShine said...

I adore your page ~ What a fabulous husband you have too. He recognizes your gift for writing. I'm so happy I stumbled upon your page. FYI...I would love to borrow your words on copyright...I would credit you and add a link to your page. I just thought it was the most appropriate wording on infringement ever!! Cheers

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