Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas silliness

Just a few pics to record the busy little bee I was this past weekend.

My equivalent of Santa's workshop. Please note the chaos.

I've almost finished my sister's gift. This is the inside. You may have noticed in the picture above that I'm still working on the lid.
And here is one of the more interesting sides.

Earrings for friends and family

Don't you just love those folks who take pics while they cook and it always looks like Martha Stewart's kitchen? I ain't one of those people.

But the results are pretty tasty. Chocolate Chip Scones.

For our canine friends, Peanut Butter-Oatmeal Doggie Biscuits.

And proof that there can be peace on Earth.

1 comment:

Jennie said...

I have just found your blog so I am late in posting!
Thank heavens I have found someone who bakes and whose kitchen doesn't look like something from a magazine layout!
Those gifts are lovely, I hope they were loved!